Elementary Teachers

The Elementary School

The Elementary school of American Intercon School provides a variety of subjects, such as Khmer literature, Social studies, Mathematics, Science; there are also a library, computer program, traffic law and English which help students to advance their knowledge. Further, the school offers students a variety of programs such as art, painting, music, dance, sports and housekeeping skills.
With American Intercon School, your children are specially trained by our specialist with the following variety of features:

  • Having a clear curriculum of Khmer-American education
  • Focusing on conventional basic knowledge and include child-friendly curriculum
  • Providing experienced and professional teachers
  • Equipping with modern facilities, comfortable with a large space for students to play safely, have a fun learning environment
  • Providing counseling service, medical consultation and primary care services
  • Providing friendly learning environment with quality education, discipline and services
  • Encouraging students to achieve knowledge, high creativity and to live in harmony.
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