Summer Program

Greetings to parents and guardians!
Please be informed that during our school vacation, American Intercon School offers extra programs for students from Kindergarten up to grade 12. What are the purposes of this program? Here they are:

  • to provide student with additional knowledge
  • to provide support to students who lack basics knowledge from lower grades
  • to get new students familiar with the classroom environment
  • to provide students a grasp of the key to efficiently learn science and social subjects
  • to build strong rapport between students and teachers
  • to get students familiar with some important school regulations
  • to give students a chance to express their courage and confidence in the classroom
  • to get students familiar with group work and project-based learning
  • to give chance to students to exchange learning experiences
  • to give students a chance to directly engage in the lesson
  • to provide students new knowledge from many experienced teachers
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