The 182th Study Tour to Siem Reap

ទំព័រដើម / The 182th Study Tour to Siem Reap

From May 29 to June 01, 2024, the management team, teachers and staffs of the American Intercon School led the 12th graders to visit Siem Reap in term of providing students opportunities to absorb the practical knowledge gained by visiting or learning about the famous cultural and historical sites, which are the cultural heritage of Cambodia. 
At the same time, they learned about the history of the construction of ancient temples, handicrafts, Khmer sculptures and some unexpected stories, all of which are the knowledge gained from expert guides to explain in detail those stories. Moreover, students can also understand well the travel of tourists of all nationalities and the way of people’s life in those areas. These can also be considered as good knowledge that students receive from this study tour which it really reflects the content of the lesson to the actual social situation that students understand more. In addition, to increase the courage of students through good communication with the masses, especially to strengthen friendships even stronger. Besides this, students also went to support charitable donations at Samdech Hun Sen Primary School, Tri Phum Village and visited Bakong Temple and Preah Ko Temple. 
However, during the four-day study tour, the students also visited the Angkor Panorama Museum and lit incense to pray for peace at Preah Ang Chek, Preah Ang Cham and Yeay Tep, and especially during that visit. There will also be a Pool Party to strengthen friendships.